Human Dynamo
Human Dynamo
The Human Dynamo is a compact and efficient full body cardio machine.
Launch Chair
Launch Chair
An office chair that allows the user to fully stretch and exercise the legs while at their desk.
Henry Co-Gen
Henry Co-Generation for Vehicles
A system for extra fuel efficiency for diesel engines driven by waste heat.
Henry Steam Engine
Henry Rotary Steam Engine
The Henry Engine is a rotary steam engine for small scale systems.
SquareFace Golf System
SquareFace Golf System
A sports training system for monitoring and comparing a golfer's swing to a desired norm or standard at the point of impact of a golf ball, so as to thereby detect deviation (e.g., hook or slice) from such desired norm or standard.

Hello, and thanks for visiting...

Our mission at Henry Works (HW) is to develop new and promising concepts into products and technologies.
We are driven by things that provide:

  • Clean power and energy efficiency.
  • Enable better health for people and the living world.
  • Improve on existing designs where the new one eliminates waste and has a longer life expectancy.

After we decide on a project we begin by building a functional prototype in our well equipped machine shop. We like to build it and try it in order to get a feel for a technology.
If it works well, we move forward.
Henry Works takes pride in finding inexpensive ways to get this done. Things are occasionally "over-engineered" these days and we like to start with the basics....the goal is a working model to prove the concept and then we TRY IT. Often, this approach is actually faster than going into full 3D CAD (which we also do if the project needs it at a later point).
After the first prototype, should the project warrant it, HW will hire industrial designers to make it look nice and also to make the mechanisms as elegant and simple as possible. Then additional and more refined prototypes are built.
The next step is to apply for Intellectual Property (IP) in the form of patents and trademarks and begin building a "brand" for the product.
The final goal is to find a well established Company to handle manufacturing, marketing and distribution. This company would pay a royalty to HW. HW would maintain and defend its patents as well as support the Company in developing logical evolutions to the machine.
Hopefully the machine or product becomes a HUGE success!
"Believe one who has proved it." - Virgil
Please take a look at our current projects...
Many thanks!
Mike Taggett - President/Founder